THE Marching Band Member Wellness program

Is a comprehensive physical fitness and wellness program professionally designed for use by college and high school marching bands.

How Can Our Program Help?

Resources to improve band members’ health awareness

Nutrition & Hydration

Offers nutrition recommendations regarding suggested meal timing, as well as listed food sources to maintain energy and boost the immune system, aid recovery, and more. Also gives detailed hydration guidelines for water intake and electrolyte balance before, during, and after rehearsals or leading up to performances.

Footwear & Preventing Injury

Shares numerous educational resources and information regarding injuries common among marching bands, proper footwear , foot biomechanics when marching, dealing with extreme heat and/or cold stress environments while rehearsing or performing, and plenty more considerations for keeping band members injury-free.

Stretching & Strengthening

Provides structured programs for entire group dynamic warm-up and static stretch periods, as well as separately designed strengthening routines (specific to the demands of different instruments) to be performed outside of practice time. Also includes some basic cardio protocols for exercise equipment found in most gyms.

What Does The Program Include?

Includes mail ordered hard-copy materials below

The program contains the following:

DVD Video Footage
  • • Group pre-practice dynamic warm-up complete with audio cues
  • • Group dynamic warm-up complete with audio cues
  • • Strengthening routines specifically designed for instrument group (general band, tuba, and drumline) complete with audio cues
  CD Data Disc
  • • Nutrition Guidelines specific to marching band members
  • • Hydration Guidelines specific to marching band members
  • • Self-care in outdoor Heat Stress/Cold Stress environments
  • • Proper footwear and preventing injuries related to marching
  • • Scientific research articles, government agency fact sheets on similar marching band related topics
    Not only is this professionally-designed 2-disc package offered for less than the cost of a single instrument; in addition, Chris (the program designer) will also be glad to personally answer any customer questions specific to the program upon its being purchased (see “Online Query Form” link under Contact).
University Program
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High School Program
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About Marching Band Member Wellness

Well-researched professional program to provide maximum physical benefits

About the Program

In the fall of 2010, the assistant marching band at Cal Poly State University explained his predicament: he was in search of some professional help in designing a comprehensive marching band fitness and wellness program to better help keep his band members healthy and on the field after a period of numerous injuries. What followed was a comprehensive program with new group stretch/warm-up routines, three instrument-specific strengthening routines (for band members to do on their own time), and plenty of information and suggestions regarding nutrition, hydration, heat illness and footwear. The program’s first full season (Fall 2010) consisted of the program designer simply observing and assessing the marching band during their rehearsals and performances. Observations regarding factors like footwear, hydration, posture, physical stresses induced by instruments, and environment were all shared with band directors, and subsequently used to develop the basis of the wellness program. After initially implementing the program in its original stages in the Fall of 2011, a survey was designed to evaluate feedback from involved band members. The survey was modeled in part after previous instruments used at the University of Michigan and for the U.S. Army’s Marching band, along with additional related research (see “Excerpts from Related Articles” under Research link). Some basic results and information gained from their responses can also be found under the research link above. The new and improved Marching Band Member Wellness Program is the final result of this three-year project, and all its resources are now available to be purchased for use by college and high school marching bands nationwide. However, lots of free information is also posted on our website as well, simply because sharing the concept of this program’s inception, intervention, and evaluation strategy will undoubtedly be of great benefit to band directors who are able to realize the importance that physical fitness, wellness, and injury prevention strategy can have on their band’s success.    


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